VUNA International is a Christian humanitarian organization passionate about the biblical principle of justice and human rights. We seek to provide locally sustainable humanitarian relief to isolated communities with inadequate access to the socio-economic human rights of health, education and food security. 

Our Services

YLEAD (Why Leadership Education and Academic Development): Youth Program in the northwest suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to serving African high school and post-secondary youth to help them integrate and succeed in their career paths. *New* [More info soon]
VUNA Africa: VUNA Africa focuses on education, health and food Security. Annually, we organize mission trips to support these ongoing projects.
Advocacy: Wherever and whenever we can, we advocate for minority groups and marginalized communities.
Recent News
September 14, 2018: Our mission trip to Turkana was a blessing! We thank you all for your continued support and prayers for our yearly missions. Visit our 2018 mission page to learn more.
May 16, 2018: By now, you may be familiar with the flooding situation in many parts of Eastern Kenya. As a result of this, on May 9th, a dam collapsed in the Nakuru County, killing over 40 people. Over 100 people has died since the floods began and that number is expected to grow. We must help. Although food and clothing is needed, we can only accept monetary donations and send this directly to our team mates already in Kenya. Please donate via our PayPal link.